Top 10 Most Read Indie Garage Stories of 2021

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Aftermarket professionals in the service community that Indie Garage serves have a very specific set of concerns and just how much these differed from those in the aftermarket distribution segment was writ large in the stories that hit our Top 10 Most Read list.

You can check out the Top 10 Most Read Jobber Nation List HERE, but that list is dominated by acquisitions and personnel changes at the highest levels of the distribution chain.

In contrast, a diverse grouping of tech-related stories, business management pieces, and Right to Repair made up this year’s list.

There is one notable exception: the passing of veteran industry trainer and consultant Bob Greenwood. Word reached us within hours of his passing, and our reporting on it was the first many saw, and understandably pushed it to the top of the most read list.

Here then, are the Top 10 Most Read Indie Garage Stories of 2021:

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  1. Bob Greenwood, leading aftermarket business trainer, passes
  2. Understanding Magnetic Ride Control
  3. Murray Voth: What is a fair price?
  4. Lordco Auto Parts opens Edmonton store
  5. Great Canadian Oil Change tops aftermarket service ranking in JD Power study
  6. Your Car, Your Data, Your Choice set to eclipse 23,000 signatures in Canada
  7. Groupe Touchette makes a Quebec acquisition
  8. eBrake partners with BCAA to promote safe driving
  9. New Tesla Toolbox coming to the aftermarket
  10. Canadian Young Guns named to Top 12 in SEMA Battle of the Builders

At CHAT Media, we look forward to keeping Canada’s aftermarket informed in 2022 and beyond.

Wishing all a Happy, Safe, and Prosperous New Year!

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