“Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice.” awareness program comes to Canada

Your car your data
The Automotive Industries Association of Canada has officially signed on to the “Your Car. Your Data Your Choice.” aftermarket initiative,
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Aftermarket recovery continues, COVID concerns up

aftemarket revenue covid aia survey
Aftermarket businesses continue to bounce back from the effects of the economic shutdowns, but still harbour concerns over future effects,
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Pails are the Latest Solution to Help Shops Manage Motor Oil Inventory

Wakefield Pail Rack FULL 1 min EN
(SPONSORED CONTENT) As motor oil grades and specifications develop and evolve, workshops and garages must adapt and pivot to meet
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‘Yippie Ki Yay’ Carquest partners with Bruce Willis to bring back ‘Die Hard’

Carquest die hard battery, not the movie bruce willis
(SPONSORED CONTENT) When DieHard batteries, one of the most iconic brands in automotive history, landed on the shelves of Carquest
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Permatex The Right Stuff Red One Minute Gasket Maker

Permatex Right Stuff Red
(SPONSORED CONTENT) The Right Stuff Red One Minute Gasket Maker is the only high temperature gasket maker that can quickly return
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Indie Garage
Indie Garage
Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice. comes to #Canada.
#aftermarket #automotive #righttorepair
AIA Canada
Auto Care Association AASA - Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association
Indie Garage
Indie Garage
Yes, this latest win for #righttorepair was in the U.S., but it's an inescapable reminder that the battle for access to repair information continues.
Car Care Association Aia Canada Automotive Retailers Association National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF)


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This might not come as a big surprise to #technicians in the #aftermarket, but it's still a reminder of how our #technology challenges stack up #SkilledTrade

Eruption, on 11, through Jensen Triax speakers. Right?
IndieGarage photo
Wells VE @WellsVEcom
Since music and vehicles are so closely knit together, we're saluting a fiercely innovative musician who helped to create a band and music that powered dreams and inspired millions. What's your favorite #VanHalen song and why? RIP, #EddieVanHalen.

Word. From EV guru @CraigVBatenburg
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Craig VanBatenburg @CraigVBatenburg
I have been a big Honda fan since I was 18 years old and heard that Honda was racing motorcycles. That was 1969, the year I graduated from high school. From Indy Car, CART, F1, and all the 2 wheeled racing.. what a great time. Honda is leaving F1 to design EVs. Priorities.