Bruce Eccles’ orderly exit serves as an example to all

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After 44 years as a licensed technician shop owner and entrepreneur, Bruce Eccles of Eccles Auto Service has decided to trade the bay for the beach.

His success in Dundas, Ontario has come from hard work, entrepreneurial skill and support from those around him.

bruce eccles auto service aftermarket awards

He has in many ways become an icon of this industry due to the high level of service Eccles Auto Service delivered to customers, as well as the priority he and his technicians placed on training and industry involvement. Over the years, Bruce Eccles has created a set of values that he has striven to maintain on a path to success.

These values have not only provided a firm foundation for the business, it has provided an ease of transition way from the business, and kept it afloat when turmoil could have otherwise threatened it.

Keep learning

Eccles believes that no matter what vehicles comes into your shop, you should be able to fix it. This means staying up to date, ensuring all techs are trained.

Get involved

Rather than sitting on the sidelines as challenges and changes arose, Bruce Eccles got stuck in.

He became very involved with the Drive Clean task force, for example. This task force helped shape what would become the Ontario Drive Clean campaign in 1999. Beyond this, there were few industry initiatives that did not attract his attention and passionate input.

Get good partners

Bruce recognized the importance of early adopters. He became very involved with ACDelco programs, but at least as important was his willingness to fully commit to the training and supply programs that were on offer.  was an early. He recognized and all makes parts supplier as early as 1989; from parts, training, rewards and incentive travel, shop management tools, to shop identification, Eccles took advantage of it all.

Support your community

Bruce and his team are also big believers in supporting the community. Eccles Auto Service continues to be recognized for their philanthropic work, including his involvement in minor hockey, sitting as past president of the rotary club and raising money for look for a local hospice. As recently as this past February, Eccles was recognized by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce as a nominee for the 2018 Outstanding Business Achievement Awards presented by RBC Royal Bank.

As Bruce begins the next chapter of his life, he’s reminded that surrounding yourself with good people who have the support and independence to do their jobs is a recipe for success.

Bruce Eccles Eccles auto service
Eccles Auto Service recently opened up a new state-of-the art facility in Dundas, Ont.

In 2010 Bruce was involved in a life threatening motorcycle accident, which kept him away from his business for six months period. Even after returning to work, Bruce was not operating at 100%. So how Bruce kept the business moving was to rely on strong team of dedicated employees and management processes that worked.

He knew then that it was time to begin looking at a transition to his son, Scott.

He knew the business was in good hands and that he had laid the foundation for a business that could prosper.

With the business now in the capable hands of Scott and the team at Eccles Auto Service, he looks forward to spending some time traveling with his wife, Claire, and having more time with his children Stephanie, Stacy, and of course, Scott and naturally spoiling the grandkids.


    • Eric Mileham

      Great job Bruce. An inspiration to us all.

  1. Kevin Leahy

    Thanks Bruce for being a driving force in our industry, best of luck on your next phase of life!

  2. Jerry Pasman

    Congrat Bruce, I would know more about this transition. Being in the same boat although a few years away from handing over the reins, I’m sure this transition did not happen overnight. I would be interested in a chat about this with Bruce.
    If you could pass me along Bruce’s email and i would like to chat with him.
    Thank you, Jerry

  3. Zara Wishloff

    Enjoy your retirement Bruce – great to know you through the years!

  4. Bob Ward

    Truly deserved Bruce. A hard decision but your team will take things to the next level. I commend you for your level of commitment to the automotive trade in Ontario. Enjoy your retirement.

  5. John Burns

    Continued health and prosperity!

  6. Stephen James

    A successful transition for your business Bruce as always you have left the bar just a little higher for the rest of the world. Enjoy your retirement in what ever form that it takes, keep the rubber down!

  7. Bob Paff

    Congratulations. There are not many who can say they left success in their wake and really made a difference. Now you can turn the page and adjust your focus to a new set of goals.

  8. Bill Fielding

    A well deserved retirement. Enjoy it with your better half.

  9. Don McGregor

    Congrats & enjoy Bruce ???? you’re left the business in good hands with Scott & staff
    Cheers Don

  10. Jim Gilbert

    A well respected pillar of the automotive industry. Well done Bruce


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