Update for Canadian techs: New ‘Tesla Toolbox’ coming to the aftermarket

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An announcement from the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) says that Tesla will be releasing new features of its ‘Tesla Toolbox’ for the automotive aftermarket.

In a statement, NASTF says the release follows multiple discussions with Tesla since the fall of 2017,the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) is pleased to announce that Tesla will is providing access to the Tesla Toolbox for the aftermarket.

A Tesla Senior Manager stated, “Toolbox isn’t planned for replacement, although we will release additional features over time to expand what independent repairers are able to achieve.”


“Documentation” subscriptions for Tesla will be available for Canadian repairers, beginning early September. This does not include access to Toolbox functionality, but a Tesla representative has stated that this subscription level should be available soon, following final testing.

Tesla has also indicated that the necessary ethernet cables to locally connect to the vehicles is available on epc.tesla.com.

Tesla’s automaker page on the NASTF website will be updated with the latest information, including instructions for setting up the Tesla diagnostic tool, courtesy of NASTF member Seth Thorson. 

Please note that there are some Windows skills required as well as a custom cable that may be unfamiliar to many repairers.

NASTF recommends reading the entire document and involving an IT professional if needed. NASTF says it looks forward to continued involvement with Tesla.

For updates, visit NASTF.org

In recent months, Tesla has opened up access to consumers for its service information, reportedly in response to the Massachusetts right to repair mandate that will affect 2022 vehicles, but then closed off access and then opened it again recently.


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