Fix Network Canada opens Calgary state-of-the-art Training Centre

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Equipment including a Caroliner Frame Machine, Hunter Wheel Alignment system, GFS Spray Booths, ADAS Equipment and more is on-site at the new Training Centre.

Fix Network Canada has officially opened its state-of-the-art Calgary, Alta., Training Centre, joining existing training facilities in Canada.

Fix Network Canada also has existing Training Centres in Milton, Ont. and Blainville, Que.

The organization is calling the new Calgary facility, at 9,000 square feet, “a significant step towards addressing the pressing need for skilled technicians in the automotive repair industry.

“The training centres are designed to meet the ongoing development needs for individuals working under Fix Network Canada’s four brands: Fix Auto, ProColor Collision, NOVUS Glass and Speedy Auto Service. Although they are just one piece of the larger investment that Fix is making to shape the next generation of automotive technicians, they represent a significant component in solidifying Fix Network’s position as a leader in the aftermarket automotive industry,” it says.

“The automotive aftermarket industry is undergoing rapid changes as customer expectations evolve and vehicles become more technologically advanced,” said Sylvain Seguin, President of Fix Network Canada.

“Our training programs cover all facets of the repair process, ensuring participants are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for excellence. By investing in the development and ongoing training of skilled technicians, Fix Network Canada aims to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the aftermarket auto repair industry.”

Recognizing industry’s need for continuous learning and development, Fix Network Canada launched its first Training Centre in Milton, Ontario, in 2019. A year later it added a 6,000 square foot Training Centre in Blainville, Quebec.

With the addition of its Calgary, Alta., training centre, the company now has three state-of-the-art training centres, each supported by industry leaders in collision repair, auto glass repair and replacement, and automotive mechanical repair.

With two classrooms, welding facilities, and a focus on maintaining a clean, high-tech environment, the training centre is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience. Fix Network offers courses in nearly every segment of the shop including estimating, repair planning, parts procurement, ADAS training, plastic welding and adhesive repair, 3D measuring and much more.

Fix Network Canada also offers in-house and occasional off-site I-CAR Certifications for Aluminum Welding, Structural Steel Welding, Structural Steel Sectioning, STRSW, and so on.

Investing in future generations

The automotive sector is grappling with a shortage of technicians, a challenge that Fix Network Canada says it aims to tackle head-on.

“The opening of the new training facility, spanning over 9,000 square feet, underscores the company’s commitment to developing and nurturing talent within the industry. The company is building associations and partnerships with suppliers and franchisees as well as working closely with secondary and post-secondary institutions to identify and create opportunities for the next generation to learn about the industry, improve their skills and find a meaningful long-term career,” says the organization.

“The Calgary facility stands out for its leading-edge infrastructure, offering industry-leading equipment.”

Equipment including a Caroliner Frame Machine, Hunter Wheel Alignment system, GFS Spray Booths, ADAS Equipment and more is on-site.

“The skilled-labour challenge is a common issue nowadays in many industries. Fix Network Canada recognizes this challenge and is dedicated to being part of the solution,” said Anne Plante, Talent Acquisition Manager, Fix Network Canada.

“Our new training centre is a testament to our commitment to investing in the future of the industry by providing top-notch training facilities that empower technicians to meet the evolving needs of the automotive repair landscape.”

The new Fix Network Canada Calgary Training Centre was all set to welcome visitors to the grand opening today.

About Fix Network

Fix Network is a global leader in the automotive aftermarket services sector, consisting of Fix Auto Collision, Fix Auto Service, NOVUS Glass, ProColor Collision, Speedy Auto Service, Speedy Glass USA and SRP brands. Locally owned and operated collision, glass and mechanical repair facilities offer hassle-free vehicle care and services. The company and network continue to grow nationally and globally, thanks to a solid foundation based on entrepreneurship and innovation. With more than 2,000 points of service around the world, Fix Network is the premier global automotive aftermarket services solution. In the United States, Mondofix Inc. has granted an exclusive license to 79411 USA LLC to the Fix Auto Collision brand.

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