Learn How and Why Your Shop Could Be Selling More Shocks and Struts and Get An Awesome Free T-Shirt!

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In this course, Service Professionals and Shop Owners will learn why they should be including shocks and struts as regular vehicle maintenance items, how shocks work and wear, and how to identify worn shocks.

It also discusses the importance of restoring or improving a vehicle’s original designed handling and control by using the correct KYB part. It also points out how worn shocks and struts can cause ADAS to function improperly, as well as contribute to premature tire and brake wear.

The KYB Service Professional Video Training Series consists of six short videos, each being followed by a short quiz. They’re packed with technical training in a simple video format.

These training videos have been designed for industry professionals like you, to arm you with the knowledge you need to recommend shocks and struts with confidence. Learn how and why to recommend KYB shocks and struts that are specifically designed and tested for your customers’ vehicles.

By going to the interactive, self-paced KYB Video Training Series found at www.kyb.com/training.


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