ZF Sachs expands CDC shock line, adds 33 new parts

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Full systems aftermarket provider ZF Aftermarket launched 33 new part numbers in March for Sachs Continuous Damping Control (CDC) shock absorbers for approximately 1.6 million passenger vehicles in operation in the U.S. and Canada (USC).

The new products expand ZF’s line of SACHS CDC shock absorbers by more than 70 percent, reflecting growing demand for advanced damping technology in the aftermarket. 

The CDC part numbers cover a variety of BMW and Audi models, among others. The CDC electronic damper system has been in large-scale original equipment production since the mid-2000s and is offered for many vehicles, from luxury cars to SUVs to compact cars.

ZF has produced more than 35 million CDC dampers globally and plans to release additional CDC part numbers in the USC region throughout 2024. 

SACHS CDC shocks for passenger cars provide excellent damping in any driving situation. State-of-the-art technology continually records variables that affect ride control, anticipating and adjusting the damping force to external conditions.

The damping force varies depending on road conditions, payload weight and vehicle handling, providing better stability – even in critical driving situations. They adjust damping force for each wheel, reducing stopping distance and providing a safer and more comfortable ride. 

“Demand for continuous damping control shocks is skyrocketing in the USC aftermarket, so we’re very excited to deliver more of this advanced damping technology to our customers, and to continue building the SACHS CDC product line,” said Mark Cali, Head of Independent Aftermarket, USC for ZF Aftermarket.

Sachs CDC dampers are among the nearly 150 new products that ZF Aftermarket introduced in the USC region during the first quarter of 2024. The company also expanded availability of TRW brake boosters and master cylinders, as well as numerous parts under the ZF, LEMFÖRDER, SACHS, TRW and WABCO brands. To search the ZF Aftermarket product catalogue, click here. 


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