Worldpac Technical Institute/Carquest Technical Institute Lunchtime Virtual Training on tap

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Worldpac technical institute

The Worldpac Technical Institute/Carquest Technical Institute is continuing with its lineup of Lunchtime Virtual Training programs.

The program includes live virtual webinars, interactive instructor-led classes, pre-recorded class videos, and more.

 WPAC Lunchtime Virtual Training are presented by the Worldpac Training Institute (WTI)/Carquest Technical Institute).

The Lunchtime Virtual Training Programs are offered at no charge.

Presented n December are sessions on:

Gasoline Direct Injection – Practical Fuel System Testing

  • GDI fuel systems, overview and component operation
  • Fast and accurate essential testing techniques
  • Common diagnostic tool usage
  • Scan data analysis
  • Test drive techniques

Data Acquisition – Sports Car Performance Driving

  • Data Analysis -For faster lap times
  • Crucial Data – Priority channels
  • Data types – Analysis & best uses
  • Video – A path to maximum advantage

In January 2024, the series offers sessions on Advanced Multimeter Diagnostics, and Triage Diagnostics (also offered in February sessions).

WTI also offers daytime and evening virtual training programs, including multi-day programs for deep dive topics such as Porsche Service & Repair Essentials, a program that runs over four days.

For more information visit the Worldpac Training Institute.


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