Why two-piece rotors?

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In response to reader questions on the advantages of two-piece rotors, prompted by ATE’s launch of two-piece rotors for Mercedes-Benz applications, Indie Garage reached out to ATE supplier Continental.

Nathan Killeen, Product Manager, ATE Brake Systems, Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket provided the following highlights:
Below are some advantages of a two piece rotor in general.

  • Lighter unsprung weight  
  • Decreases mass of spinning wheel assembly
  • Increased performance
  • Better heat dissipation (reduces heat transfer to wheel bearing)
  • Allows the rotor ring to expand uniformly from the hat (decreases distortion)

The two-piece design tends to find its way onto higher performance variants. ATE’s line covers Mercedes AMG C43 and E43, as well as CLS and GLC models of higher performing classes.

Nathan also supplied some ATE-specific two-piece rotor advantages (compared to competitors).

  • Excellent optics and a corrosion-reducing coating
  • ECE-R90-homologated
  • Comprehensive comfort tests
  • Quietest brake discs among aftermarket solutions
  • Plastic fastening screws hold rotor to hub during replacement    

For more information, visit http://www.ate-na.com


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