Why Quality Wheel Bearings Matter

by | Mar 7, 2018 | 0 comments

There are quite a number of wheel hub bearing options available today and, while OEM and quality aftermarket suppliers will provide reliable options, there is a risk in not using recognized quality wheel hub bearings.

1. Value-grade hub bearings may have a shorter life, as much as 50% by some estimates.
2. Some may suffer from excessive noise and vibration even immediately following installation.
3. Wheel hub bearings that house wheel speed sensors are an integral part of a vehicle’s ABS and Traction Control safety systems, so quality here is about more than smooth wheel rotation.
4. In a worst-case scenario, the lowest quality hub bearing have been known to fail and cause wheel separation.
5. Quality hub bearings may include enhancements over the original part, addressing shortcomings that caused the failure that may have brought it into the bay in the first place.

While the temptation to look for savings when customers are looking to keep more of their dollars in their pocket, there should be a clear quality line you won’t go below, for the sake of the customer’s long-term satisfaction and your reputation.


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