Wheel Pros company rebrands as Hoonigan

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Wheel Pros, the provider of aftermarket vehicle enhancements, announced it is rebranding to Hoonigan.

Wheel Pros, the provider of aftermarket vehicle enhancements, announced it is rebranding to Hoonigan.

The new name, says the company, embraces the spirit of automotive culture and signifies the company’s dedication to expanding its impact and fostering passion in the industry.

The Wheel Pros name will remain within the Hoonigan brand family as the company’s wholesaler channel and will continue to serve the company’s retailers and dealers. The company’s subsidiary brands, including throtl and 4 Wheel Parts, will maintain their ongoing operations within their established e-commerce and retail sales channels, preserving the continuity of their services.

The Hoonigan brand is, of course, most closely identified with the late Ken Block, racer, rally driver, who came largely to popular fame with his Gymkhana extreme acrobatic driving videos.

As Hoonigan, the company aims to connect with a broader audience of automotive enthusiasts, acknowledging that the industry’s landscape has evolved since its inception.

The company intends to honor and build upon Block’s important legacy of leading a trailblazing community driven by a passion for motorsports and the enthusiast community. Hoonigan’s new vision statement – “We provide the passion that keeps dreams in motion” – signifies a worldwide initiative to bring enhancements to a broad range of consumers, from track enthusiasts to off- road adventurers, as well as the casual commuter and everything in between.

The transition from Wheel Pros to Hoonigan will be seamless for customers and business partners, as the company will continue to provide the same exceptional service, quality products, and steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction.

The official website and social media channels have been updated to reflect the new brand identity.

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey as Hoonigan,” said Randy White, CEO of Hoonigan. “This rebranding represents our commitment to not only embracing the rich heritage of automotive culture but also expanding our horizons to welcome a growing community of enthusiasts. We look forward to creating meaningful connections, supporting creativity, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the automotive industry.”

The Hoonigan brand is already synonymous with some of the industry’s most unique vehicles and trendsetting media in the automotive ecosystem. This rebranding brings closer integration with the Company’s parent organization and its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. With a focus on producing top-of-the-line aftermarket products, Hoonigan will continue developing innovative technologies across its collection of wheels, tires, suspension, lighting, accessories, and more. Hoonigan aims to empower enthusiasts to express their unique style and pursue their automotive vision by constantly exploring new design possibilities.

About Hoonigan
Hoonigan serves the automotive enthusiast industry with entertaining content and a wide selection of vehicle enhancements from its portfolio of lifestyle brands, including Fuel Off-Road, American Racing, KMC, Morimoto, TeraFlex, Rotiform, and Black Rhino. Utilizing its expanding global network of distribution centers spanning North America, Australia, and Europe, Hoonigan serves over 16,500 retailers. It has a growing e-commerce presence to provide enthusiast consumers with access to a variety of aftermarket enhancements including wheels, suspension, lighting, and accessories.

More information is available at www.hoonigan.com.


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