What apprentices want, and how to deliver

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According to an Apprentices in Canada ePanel survey conducted by The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum with
apprentices from across sectors and regions, features that attract and retain apprentices to an
employer are:
• a journeyperson willing to teach
• a wide variety of work experiences
• opportunities for career advancement
• a positive work environment

Employers from different sectors, trades and geographic regions agree maximizing the benefits from apprenticeship training programs requires high-quality workplace training.

Employer apprenticeship champions shared their best practices.

Provide an Orientation

Clear communication with apprentices from the beginning is essential. An effective orientation
provides information about how the apprenticeship system works, the company’s culture and
business goals.

Illustrate a Career Path

Emphasize the opportunities that come with a Red Seal designation to your apprentices,
promoting certification as a goal. Show your apprentices a map of their apprenticeship,
earnings and potential career pathways so apprentices can envision a future at your company.

Support Apprentices

Help apprentices navigate the apprenticeship process, the paperwork and the financial
challenges. Meet with and communicate regularly with apprentices. Ensure each apprentice
has a training plan.

Offer Loyalty Incentives

Offer incentives to your apprentices. Incentives might include free tools or interesting
training opportunities. Champions often find high-quality on-the-job training can outweigh
the promise of higher wages from another employer.

Identify the Best Mentors

Formalize the mentoring component of their training putting first-year apprentices with the
best mentors and teachers. Ensure the mentor identifies and addresses any issues with the
apprentice. Some employer champions give the mentor a bonus to reward good mentoring
in the workplace.

Create a Positive Workplace Culture

Recognize apprentices when they do quality work and provide opportunities for professional
career development.

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