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Welcome to Indie Garage. We’re the Canadian aftermarket’s newest title, alongside its sister brand Jobber Nation for your parts supply partners.

Andrew Ross, publisher and director of content, Indie Garage and Jobber Nation.

Indie Garage presents a great opportunity to reinvent.

Leading up to this launch, conversations with shop owners and others who make up this great industry confirmed that the aftermarket’s information needs are evolving and time constraints are increasing.

It’s time for a new approach.

First, Indie Garage is much more than a magazine. Having launched January 1, there is already 4x more content at IndieGarage.ca than in the printed pages here. And it’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter etc.

Information is organized by roles within your shop: Owners, Service Advisors, Technicians, and Apprentices. This makes it easier for you to find the information that’s relevant to you.

Shorter articles. More videos. Shorter videos that can be viewed on your mobile device in less than a minute, without sound. Actionable tips—reminders of solid basics–that you can post on your bulletin board or share on your social newsfeed to help keep you on track.

And, through special arrangements with CARS OnDemand and J.D. Power, some of the best technical tips and research this industry has to offer.

People are consuming information differently today and the aftermarket must keep pace.

Even the best information isn’t worth anything if you can’t soak it in.

Indie Garage’s goal is to help you do your job better so the business can be more successful. Making content that’s honest, useful, and easy to access is paramount.

And let’s have some fun on the way. Let’s celebrate the individualism that pervades this community and that I believe makes it attractive to those looking to stake their future on, just as you have.

And what a future: technology is moving ahead at a breakneck pace. The very nature of how the public views what they drive, and what it actually means to drive, will keep shifting. It’s going to be a challenge to keep pace, but working together we’ll do just that.

The mantra here is “Being independent does not mean being alone.”

Indie Garage is committed to connecting you with solutions, large and small, to ensure you’re part of that future.

Andrew Ross

Publisher and Director of Content

Be part of the conversation: send your tips or thoughts to me at AndrewRoss@indiegarage.ca.



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