View the restoration of the Raybestos ’53 Chevy pickup in progress

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Brake Parts Inc. has set up special website to track the  Raybestos 1953 Chevrolet pickup build project in progress.

The  build is almost complete and you can keep track of the progress at The website is dedicated to the project and features videos, pictures and information showcasing the start of the build and every step along the road to completion.Raybestos 1953 Chevy

Jeff Schwartz and his world-class team at Schwartz Performance have done a phenomenal job on the Raybestos ’53 Chevy pickup and we are excited to share the step-by-step process of how they restored and upgraded this classic vehicle,” said Kristin Grons, marketing manager, Brake Parts Inc. “At, visitors will get a real inside look at this exciting build project and can hear from Jeff himself why and how each step was taken to create this masterpiece.”

In addition to videos hosted by Schwartz, the dedicated website features before photos, stages of the build and a news section that includes frequent updates. The site showcases the industry-leading companies that have partnered with Raybestos and Schwartz Performance to supply top quality parts and equipment for the build.

As part of the restoration project, Schwartz Performance will install its famous bolt-in “G-Machine” chassis system as well as an off- the-shelf performance disc brake upgrade package, using Raybestos components and Raybestos Truck & Medium Duty specialty disc brake pads.

“Upon completion, the Raybestos ’53 Chevy pickup will travel coast to coast so auto enthusiasts will be able see this iconic vehicle firsthand,” continued Grons. “The ’On the Road’ section of the website will soon feature dates and locations, so check back often.”



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