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(Video: 5:26) No matter what make or model your customers driving all vehicles have one thing in common: tires. Without the tires vehicles aren’t going anywhere. Customers have a lot of options. When it comes to tire sales, your shop needs to stand out from your competition. 

To maximize your tire sales you need to understand not only the features and benefits of your products but also how these benefits relate to the needs of your customers.

Sales staff represent your shop to customers from first impression to final drive off. Each customer needs to feel they have been
listened to and that their needs have been met.
There are many ways an interaction between a company representative and a customer can go.
Let’s first take a look at a less than desirable scenario :
Video Role Play #1:
Service Advisor on phone: We do not deliver you’re gonna have to come down yep okay well suit yourself okay see you later
Service Advisor to customer; What can I do for you?
Customer: Trying to get a couple new tires from a pickup truck
SA: All right . Make and model
Cust.: 2001 Chevy Silverado 4-wheel Drive
SA: All right. Ho  much you want to spend?
Cust.: No clue actually. it’s been a while since I bought tires  have no idea what they range from.
SA: You know buddy you’re gonna have to give me something here it’s totally up to you. Tires can range from 100 bucks to over five it’s your call man.
Cust.: 500 bucks! I’m not thinking that. That’s way out of my budget,  No idea what even makes thedifference between a $500 tire and a $200
SA:  All right. Give me a second, Here’s our list of everything that we carry. Tires listed over there on the left, prices on right.  (Phone rings) I’m gonna have to take this.  Pick something you want let me know. (To caller) Yep. Yeah, this is ABC tire ma’am. I told you before we do not deliver. You’re gonna have to come down,  hold on a second. . . there.
End of role play
That interaction could lead to a lost sale and definitely isn’t winning long-term customers. Now let’s look at a different approach.
Role play example #2
SA: Hi my name’s Tim. How can I help you?
Cust.: Hey nice to meet you. I need to get a couple new tires for a pickup truck. Paul Smith had referred me to you guys
SA: Ya, he’s been a customer of ours for a long time. We go way back. Next time you see him say hi to him for me.
Cust.: Sure will do.
SA: In order to make sure I’m pairing the right tire up with your vehicle I’ve got to ask you a couple of questions.  You got a few minutes?
Cust.: Ask away.
SA: Okay. First of all, can I get your name?
Cust.: John Thomas.
SA: Okay just gonna turn my system here okay? John my first questions are about the vehicle itself. How have you had it and how long do you plan on keeping it?
Cust.: Oh I love my truck. I’ve had it about 10 years now. I’d love to trade it in for one of those new shiny ones all the new toys in it one of these days!
SA: Wouldn’t we all! What’s the year make and model of the vehicle?
Cust.: It is a 2001 Chevy Silverado.
SA: Okay and is that a 4×4?
Cust.: It’s a 4×4 .
SA: Are you doing any off-roading with it?
Cust.: Not with  my truck. I save that off-road for my ATV.
SA: Okay,  so you’re looking for a just a set of all seasons or a set of winter tires?
Cust.: ell I have winter tires. I’m just ooking for a decent set of all seas tires.
SA: Good to hear you got the winter tires. I put a set of winter tires on my vehicle last year and it’s made a world of difference. Glad to hear you’ve got them. Okay so we’re gonna be replacing all four tires with some all seasons.
Cust.: Well I was only thinking of two tires. I still think I have some life left in two of my tires.
SA: Okay well we don’t typically recommend that you replace two of the four. When we’re finished here though I would like to head up to the vehicle and test the tread depth on all four of your tires just to see where everything is sitting in terms of safety, Is  that okay?
Cust.: Yes sounds good.
SA: kay perfect now in terms of the terrain that you’re driving the one typically tell me about your normal drive everyday.
 Cust.: Uh each day I drive to work, it’s about 40 kilometres it’s all highway driving.
 SA: Okay, and what about weekends?
 Cust.: Well we head to the cottage it’s all highway driving as well except for the last couple kilometres where it’s dirt and gravel
 SA: Okay one of the things I like to ask all my customers is what is the most important characteristic to you for a tire is it tread life or ride and handling
Cust.: Definitely tread life I’m just looking like I said for a decent set of all season tires that’s gonna get me from point A to point B and most importantly last a few years.
 SA: Well I think I have a couple of brands that are going to fit with the way you drive your vehicle. As I mentioned before though I would like to head out to your truck and measure the treads of all four of your tires just to make sure that all the tires are gonna be operating safely. Is that okay?
Cust.: Yeah sounds great.

Everyone sells tires what is your shop offering to stand apart from your competition?

by Will Carcone, CARS OnDemand instructor.

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