VDO RoadLog ELDs now fully compliant with Transport Canada

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Shops that have fleet and owner-operator customers should be aware that the latest versions of Continental’s VDO RoadLog ELD and RoadLog Office  fleet management and reporting software are fully compliant with Transport Canada Regulations for HOS (Hours Of Service) tracking and reporting.

An Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is a device that is used to record a commercial driver’s Hours Of Service (HOS). An ELD may also be used to capture other driver log data including International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) mileage and International Registration Plan (IRP). ELDs combine GPS data and vehicle engine data to create electronic logs for trucks, busses and other commercial vehicles. ELDs can be hardwired into the vehicles engine to capture information such as RPM and engine hours, or they can be connected to the engine by a Bluetooth connection to a data port dongle.

The latest release of RoadLog ELD software provides all of the features required by Transport of Canada regulations including Canada HOS North and South of 60N with printout, Canada recap, automatic US-Canada border crossing recognition with automatic HOS change (with manual override), and Canada DVIR pre-trip/post-trip recording with printout, plus the Canada HOS ferries exemption, oil field permits, and daily off-duty deferral.

Jay McCarthy noted, “Compliance with Transport of Canada ELD regulations has been a challenge for both ELD manufacturers and drivers. We’re happy to say that we now offer a solution that solves all the issues on both sides of the border.”

In addition to providing compliance with Canadian regulations, VDO RoadLog solves many of the problems that drivers and fleets have experienced with ‘bring your own device’ solutions. “VDO RoadLog ELD is a dedicated device, hardwired to the vehicle, and this eliminates the possibility of Bluetooth connectivity issues seen with many smartphone and tablet based solutions. With RoadLog, drivers don’t need to use their personal data plan for HOS tracking or worry about having their phone tied up with maintaining compliance,” McCarthy added. “Roaming charges, data overages, and hidden fees simply are not a factor with RoadLog.”

VDO RoadLog ELD works with the online tool, RoadLog Office, to provide complete reporting and fleet maintenance capabilities.

More information about VDO RoadLog can be found at: www.vdoroadlog.com


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