Valvoline launches ‘Restore & Protect’ full synthetic

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Valvoline Global, a worldwide leader in automotive and industrial solutions, has announced the global launch of Restore & Protect premium full synthetic motor oil.

Calling it a “first-of-its-kind innovation” the motor oil is designed to remove up to 100% of engine-killing deposits with continuous use, restoring engines to run like factory clean while protecting against future damage.

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“This latest addition to the Valvoline product portfolio is a paradigm shift in motor oil performance and challenges traditional thinking about the category,” says the company.

“With a history steeped in trust and innovation, Valvoline has consistently been at the forefront of the automotive lubricant category. Restore & Protect, with its revolutionary technology and unparalleled benefits, marks another milestone in a legacy of firsts that spans more than 150 years.”

“We are thrilled to introduce Valvoline Restore & Protect on a global scale,” said Jamal Muashsher, President & CEO, Valvoline Global.

“This product truly redefines what motor oil can achieve and positively impacts consumers and customers like never before. Restore & Protect is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the automotive industry.”

Restore & Protect is designed for gasoline-engine automobiles, from brand-new to older, high-mileage vehicles, and is the culmination of three years of development, resulting in Valvoline’s most technologically advanced engine oil ever.

This premium full synthetic product also presents two of Valvoline’s proprietary new technologies: Active Clean, which removes deposits and restores engines to run like new, and Liqui-Shield, which works proactively to prevent deposit formation and protects against future damage. 

Valvoline Restore & Protect is poised to hit shelves and Valvoline business partners globally in 2024.

More information about Restore & Protect, including its technology and availability, can be found online for do-it-yourself customers and for quick lube, dealership, auto service/tire shops, and other partners.


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