Use a Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump to Save Time, Money on Customer Repairs

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When it comes to timing belt replacement, it’s always best practice to change the water pump and surrounding components at the same time. If one component is failing, others in the system are likely not far behind. Water pumps and timing belts are critical to the engine’s performance and need to function at optimal levels.

Using a kit that is designed for the replacement of worn or damaged original equipment timing belts, tensioners, idler pulleys, and water pumps – each matched to a specific vehicle make and model is a recommend best practice. Dayco offers one of the most complete lines of OE-quality timing belt water pump kits in the industry. The Dayco timing belt water pump kit is a convenient solution when replacing all of the major components in a timing belt job. Manufactured to meet critical fit, form and function requirements, Dayco’s kits ensure parts accuracy, time savings and long-lasting performance. In addition to including premium components, the water pumps included in the kit feature superior gaskets that retain bolt torque, a roller bearing hub and composite seals to prevent leaks.

These kits include trilingual installation instructions with full detailed images in all e-catalogs. In addition, the kits  are competitively priced and also come with an extended warranty to ensure you are confident in what you are installing.

When using the timing belt water pump kit, Dayco also recommends flushing out the coolant prior to replacing any of the components so you can help to eliminate any debris that might have a negative effect on new water pump seals.

Click here to watch a timing belt water pump kit installation on a Honda/Acura V6 engine. And for additional tips and tools, check out the Dayco Tech Hub.

Three Tips for Choosing the Right Water Pump

While searching for the right water pump or timing belt water pump kit, be sure to choose one that meets the following three criteria.

1. Extensively tested – Pick a vehicle water pump that is 100% end of line leak tested to ensure better quality. Unlike many competitors, Dayco has full control of the entire manufacturing process for our water pump line. With single source manufacturing, Dayco controls every quality aspect of product from raw material to new pump.

2. OE specified – Make sure the pump is OE specified. Dayco works directly with today’s car manufacturers on the design and development of original equipment water pumps. Choosing an aftermarket pump from a company with OE experience is critical to ensuring proper design quality and superiority.

3. High-Quality Components – Ensure the water pump is made from high-quality components. For instance, Dayco’s water pumps feature gaskets made from high density materials that retain bolt torque and prevent wicking, case hardened roller bearings and silicone/carbide composite seals, which help prevent leaks well beyond the life of the expected warranty.

For more information on Dayco water pumps, visit here.


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