“Ultimate Summer Getaway” promo rewards technicians

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Centric Parts’, a division of APC Automotive Technologies, new “Ultimate Summer Getaway” promotion is built around its GCX Brake Rotors and PQ PRO Brake Pads.

Entitled, ‘Ultimate Summer Getaway,’ the promotion runs from Aug. 1, 2019 and ends on Sept. 30, 2019.

It is designed to generate excitement around the GCX and PQ PRO brands and encourage professional technicians to recommend GCX Brake Rotors and PQ PRO Brake Pads to their service customers as the ultimate braking solution.

Ultimate Summer Getaway

Ken Selinger, Vice President of Product Management, announced the promotion and noted, “The primary objective of the promotion is to expand the awareness of our innovative, best-in-category products and create engagement at all levels of distribution from WDs to professional technicians. GCX Brake Rotors are vehicle-specific and engineered to match OE performance and provide superior protection from rusting and corrosion, while our PQ PRO Brake Pads deliver full stopping power smoothly and quietly without the need for pad bed-in. We feel that this exceptional combination gives today’s professional technicians the ideal brake service advantage.”

The promotion is open to all WDs and qualified professional automotive technicians.

To participate, WDs can sign up with their Centric Parts sales rep or contact Sales Support Specialist, Shy Howard, at 310-961-5543 or promotions@centricparts.com.  

Professional technicians need to sign up and register on the ‘Ultimate Summer Getaway’ promotional website at www.centricpromo.com.

According to Jayme Farina, Vice President of Sales, “We want to bring in new customers and build more sales with our new advanced GCX Rotors and PQ PRO Brake Pads, so we’ve created an exciting, multi-faceted promotion that makes every one of our customers a winner. We’re offering a nice cash spiff to WD sales and counter people for every GCX Rotor and PQ PRO Brake Pad set they sell. To pull it through, we’re kicking off a fun promotion for professional technicians that features a free t-shirt and chances to win exciting prizes every time they install GCX Rotors or PQ PRO Brake Pads on customers vehicles.”

Professional technicians get a Free 100% Poly T-Shirt when they enroll and an opportunity to win valuable Grand Prizes with every GCX Rotor or PQ PRO Brake Pad set they install. Participation is easy. To enter, all the technician has to do is take a selfie with each installation and send it in to Centric Parts. Every selfie is an automatic entry, and there’s no limit on the number of entries.

The promotion features a wide range of prizes: The Grand Prize has a value of $5000 and includes a choice of Great Outdoors Experience, Gourmet BBQ Experience, or Adventure Experience. There are 10 2nd Grand Prizes featuring Yeti Coolers valued at $300 each and 100  3rd Grand Prizes of $50 Visa Gift Cards. The Free T-Shirts and grand prize entries are only available to professional technicians.

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