UAP launching ‘NexDrive Powered by NAPA’ EV service program

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UAP Inc. is launching its 'NexDrive powered by NAPA' EV program focused on preparing automotive service providers ASPs with the tools, training and other resources they need to effectively serve the EV/HEV marketplace.

UAP Inc. is launching its “NexDrive Powered by NAPA” EV program focused on providing automotive service providers (ASPs) with the tools, training and other resources they need to effectively serve the EV/HEV marketplace.

Poised to officially launch to consumers at the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show on April 22 (Earth Day), information on the program is already available. There are also a number of locations identified as NexDrive participating service locations in the Montreal and Quebec City regions.

The NexDrive program targets growth to 38 locations in 2022, 65 in 2023, and 150 locations by 2025.

The program’s consumer positioning focuses on the perception that owners of EV/HEV need to return to dealers for service.

“Even with your electric vehicle you can still go to the same trusted garage around the corner. As with an Internal Combustion Engine vehicle, all NexDrive service points have access to the same software, fault information and genuine parts as the original dealers.”

The program promises consumers:

  • Retention of factory warranty
  • Experts in all brands
  • Access to original manufacturer data
  • The most modern electrical reading equipment and tools
  • Always up-to-date software
  • Qualified and continuously trained automotive technicians
  • Specialist in maintenance on hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Complies with the latest safety regulations
  • Service from your trusted independent automotive repair shop

The NexDrive program is open to the NAPA AUTOPRO network as well as the NAPA Autocare network.

The program includes components for ASPs as well as the NAPA network stores that serve them.

Among NAPA store resources and requirements are:

  • Dedicated Parts Specialist for EV & Hybrids
  • Mandatory certification and training for Parts Specialists
  • Access to ‘find it’ hotline to be able to support your ASP
  • Access to a Technical Support hotline

ASP resources include training through NAPA Autotech, a full suite of ASP identification and marketing materials, plus promotion through online and “store locator” resources. There is also a robust set of requirements to ensure the integrity of the program:

  • Bi-annual audit for standards and norms
  • One trained and certified technician
  • One trained service advisor on NAPA Canada program
  • One electric charging station
  • Minimum required tooling and safety equipment
  • NexDrive branding displayed

Pointing out that electric vehicle sales are increasing rapidly, program information points out that “Every car brand will come up with an electric model within twelve months. And the trend is accelerating. The second-hand market is also electrifying offering opportunities your shop needs to capture.”

For more infomation relevant to Automotive Service Providers, visit NexDrive


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