Total upgrades Classic engine oils to meet SN PLUS

by | Dec 14, 2018 | 0 comments

Total is upgrading its TOTAL CLASSIC engine oils to the TOTAL QUARTZ 5000 & 7000 series engine oils.

This transition provides an improved product that will meet the evolving needs of modern engines by providing the new API SN PLUS specification. 
Modern engines need a modern motor oil to keep them efficient and running strong. 

Total upgrades its conventional engine oil line to synthetic oils.

The new TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 Future XT products offer the same quality semi-synthetic oils customers have come to expect from Total, are tailor-made for the requirements of OEMs and will now have approvals from Ford and GM that were not carried under the Classic line.

In addition, TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 Future XT will carry the API SN PLUSspecification to combat LSPI issues seen in newer engines. This upgrade continues Total’s proud history of offering new and innovative motor oils for high performance engines. 


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