Toronto shop helps front line workers stay safe

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1ConceptAuto owner Alex Labao plays patient as Dr. Kaveh Kavoosi shows how the special enclosure protects medical workers from being sprayed by highly contagious body fluids.

A Greater Toronto Area shop 1ConceptAuto is helping keep front line workers safe by answering the call for a special a protective intubation and resuscitation cube (PIRC).

The plexiglass cube protects healthcare workers for being subjected to potentially infection fluids when performing intubation or resucintation proceures on patients, a particular concern during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Owner Alex Labao responded to a social media call put out by emergency room physician Dr. Kaveh Kavoosi who works in Alliston, north of Toronto.

“The challenge is when that’s happening, the virus which is sitting in the secretions of the lungs, has the highest risk of coming up to us,” Kavoosi told CTV News Toronto.

When he posted the details of the protective enclosure online, 1ConceptAuto responded in hours.

“It’s a simple concept if you really think about it. We built speaker boxes so we have previous experience,” says shop owner Alex Labao. “It feels great to be part of something that cou ld help in the time of need. It’s definitely a good feeling.”

There are currently several examples being tested to tweak the design.

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