Tomorrow’s technicians should focus on education: Research

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A report from IMR Automotive Research says that shop owners believe that tomorrow’s technicians should focus on the quality of their education, and a few other key factors.

When telling IMR what advice they’d give to young people considering careers as technicians, respondents to the survey, focused on U.S. shops (hence the inclusion of ASE certification as a key initiative) said that the top areas to focus on are education and training. This includes intial education and training, employer training, and training related factors, such as becoming proficient in repairing electric vehicles and new technologies.

In all, 11 factors were reported as being important to focus on (% of shops stating this is s key area to focus on):

  • Get the best education/training possible — 35.5%
  • Take all training available through employer — 19.6%
  • Get hands-on training — 10.7%
  • Take profession seriously –10.3%
  • Become proficient in repairing electric vehicles/new tech — 9.3%
  • Continually invest in training — 8.3%
  • Be willing to learn — 7.3%
  • Learn to operate scan/diagnostic tools — 6.7%
  • Start career at a dealership — 6.0%
  • Buy best tools you can afford — 4.6%
  • Get ASE Certification — 4.0%

The results are part of a report into the challenges shops see ahead and mesh with concerns that shop owners see for their shops today:.

Heading into 2020, according to independent repair shops, the biggest challenges to shops and their technicians include finding time for hands-on training (42.6%), staying up to date with advances in diagnostics (31.6%), keeping up with advances in vehicle technology (31.1%) and finding good, knowledgeable and motivated technicians (29.2%).



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