TIRECRAFT Ontario paying customers to use AI emergency assistance

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TIRECRAFT Ontario, a provider of commercial tires and services, started using a Emergency Roadside Asssistance AI platform last year. Now it says it’s paying fleet customers to make the switch from traditional phone system response.

Traditionally, fleet customers have relied on phoning locatioons to address unexpected down time.

However, recognizing the inefficiencies and delays inherent in this approach, TIRECRAFT Ontario has launched an AI solution. Instead of customers using a phone call for assistance, TIRECRAFT Ontario is incentivizing fleet customers to utilize their state-of-the-art ERS AI Dispatch Platform.

The ERS AI Dispatch Platform, developed by Atrium Solutions Inc., represents a shift in roadside assistance.

Powered by advanced machine learning, the platform streamlines the dispatch process, connecting fleet dispatch and drivers with the nearest service provider in a matter of seconds.

The approach minimizes downtime and ensures prompt resolution of vehicle issues, enhancing fleet productivity and minimizing disruptions.

“Our fleet customer feedback on our ERS AI Platform has been overwhelmingly positive. Paying customers to stop making phone calls to call centers just makes good sense. We can offer faster, more efficient service, and dramatically reduce our operating expense on the thousands of ERS calls we handle each yearm,” says Christine McClay President of TIRECRAFT Ontario.

In addition to expediting the assistance process, the ERS AI Dispatch Platform offers numerous benefits, including increased accuracy, enhanced communication, and improved resource allocation. Fleet customers can expect a seamless experience, with efficient dispatching and timely resolution of roadside issues, ultimately resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and cost savings.

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