Tire changers from Hofmann for high volume tire shops

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In the high tire volume business, it is always a smart idea to have a plan when it comes to changing tough tires quickly and safely without damage.

With Hofmann’s patented smartSpeed technology, you will have that plan built right into your tire changing system.

“Our intuitive smartSpeed technology automatically selects the optimal speed and torque on the tire changer with a single pedal position,” said Kyle Harris, product manager for Hofmann. “Even during a shop’s busiest hours, when throughput really matters, smartSpeedä maximizes shop productivity without damaging tires or wheels.”

New Hofmann tire changers featuring smartSpeed technology include:

Hofmann monty 3550 – Featuring the industry’s most advanced capabilities to service a wide variety of wheel and tire assemblies, the monty 3550 is specifically designed to change low-profile, high-performance and run-flat tires, maximizing a shop’s versatility.

Hofmann monty 1625 – Designed for high-volume tire shops, multi-bay repair shops and dealerships, the monty 1625 is ideal for servicing standard and performance wheels on cars and light trucks.

Hoffman tire changer

Hofmann monty 3550 tire changer– Featuring advanced capabilities to service a wide variety of wheel and tire assemblies

“With smartSpeed, users will see an instant increase in performance and productivity,” said Harris. “smartSpeed not only automatically minimizes damage to the tires but it also provides innovative, patented technology that optimizes the torque applied to the wheel and automatically sets the maximum rotation speed of the wheel. The variable speeds available also gives the service technician the best options for maximum productivity.”

Customers can learn more about smartSpeed and other Hofmann wheel service products by calling 800-251-4500 or visiting https://us.hofmann-equipment.com/en/.


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