The E.R.I. Group 40th Anniversary Member View: ‘Instant Respect’

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Doug Lipps’ Competition Automotive is a respected builder based just north of Toronto in Richmond Hill, Ont., that specializes in performance engines but has worked with everyone from privateer racers to OEMs and the Canadian Military.

Founded in 1977, it joined The E.R.I. Group in 1985, making it among the earliest non-charter members.

Lipps recognized right away the benefits of becoming part E.R.I.

At the time the major production engine rebuilders dominated.

“They got the parts and the pricing to go along with it back in the day. There were so many big PERs back in the eighties, back in the nineties. It’s all mostly gone by the wayside now. When you were a little two-man shop and you wanted to buy from a factory, you couldn’t. You had to go through a warehouse.”

Joining together as The E.R.I. Group meant access to pricing and products that they didn’t have before.

Something that has helped Competition Automotive thrive over the years.

He also values the contact with other shops to help fill in knowledge gaps for unfamiliar engines, and get the perspective of other E.R.I. members.

“And E.R.I. has provided a warranty that we can attach to the engines we build and that’s a great benefit to the customer. And the I.P.W. warehouses mean you can get parts quicker and get your work done a quicker for customers, too.

“But there’s a lot more to E.R.I. than just product availability and access to suppliers. E.R.I. became a force.

“I’ve seen it time and time again when I go to SEMA or the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis. You’re walking the aisles and you talk to a supplier, somebody new to me. It comes up in conversation that I’m an ERI member and you get instant respect.

“So, you get their time and their resources. You get access. They know that you’re serious and legitimate.”




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