The E.R.I. Group 40th Anniversary Member View: ‘part of a fAmily’

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Marc Arsenault, owner of Arsenault Cylinder Heads of Scoudouc, N.B., says he felt an affinity for The E.R.I. Group from his first call, not long after he opened the business in 2004.

“When I talked to Rick the first time, I could tell he was a straight shooter. I felt comfortable with him, and I felt safe that I was going to deal with a company that would be a benefit to us and I could be a benefit to them.”

Located about 20 km outside of Moncton, Arsenault Cylinder Heads is a five-person shop located in an industrial park. It began as a cylinder head specialist, but has grown to be a full-service machine shop.

“We specialize in street rod and racing applications, but we also do a lot of work for dealerships and for garages, marine shops, and heavy duty truck repair shops.” Plus powersports, snow machines and dirt bikes, he adds. “I guess when there’s an engine in there, we’re there to do it.”

Arsenault says that parts pricing and availability have become increasingly important, particularly as supply chains have become strained over the past two years.

“E.R.I. filled up what they could, and we always had a decent amount of stock. Especially these days, having parts in stock is a big thing.”

Overall, though, he says that as important as that is, there’s more to being part of E.R.I.

“I’ve been on the board of directors now since 2010, and I found that it was not only a good company to deal with, but it was almost a family.

 “We’ve created a good bond; I’ve made a lot of friends. If I do have a question or a problem or something, I know I can call either the E.R.I. Group itself, or call any of the members and I’m sure they’re willing to help me.

“So for me, the benefit of getting the parts at the right price and having a good discount was one part of it. But then I ended up to see that it was more than that.”

Mark says membership in E.R.I. makes him feel like he’s part of a family, and that’s really important to him.

“In one word, E.R.I. means dependability. You can always depend on them to make sure we’re having the right pricing, and that you’re going to have the parts in the warehouse or not far away.




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