Team sets cross-Canada EV record

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Hankook Tire Canada (CNW Group/Hankook)

A team driving a VW ID.4 has set a Guinness World Record for a cross-Canada trip with the fewest charging stops in an all-electric vehicle.

The “‘Volkswagen ID.4 Canada Tour’ Challenge” was conducted in concert with VW and Hankook.

Rainer Zietlow, along with his photographer, Elric Popp started the record-breaking ride on July 25 in St. John’s, Newfoundland, the Easternmost point of the Canadian Highway 1. On July 31, they arrived in Victoria, British Columbia, located at the Westernmost point of the Canadian Highway 1 to achieve a new record for the fewest charge stops across Canada by an electric vehicle. 

”The drive across Canada provided unique challenges due to the varying terrain from coast to coast, the Hankook iON evo AS EV tires performed equally well in dry and wet driving conditions and provided the necessary rolling resistance throughout the Challenge, which was imperative to the success and efficiency of this tour,” said Rainer Zietlow, driver and founder of Challenge4.

The duo travelled cross country in the Volkswagen ID.4 made possible by Hankook’s new EV-specific high-performance iON evo AS, an all-season tire for electric sedans and medium to large sized SUVs.

The iON’s compound formula, composed of high-concentration silica and eco-friendly materials, evenly spreads road pressure to extend tire life and enhance battery life making Zietlow’s trip across Canada more efficient and comfortable.

Electric vehicles tend to weigh more than ICE vehicles, which is caused by the considerable weight of the drive batteries. To combat this, the iON evo AS contains ‘EV Contour Technology’ which increases lateral rigidity by 25%, and cornering rigidity by 20% compared to all-season touring tires for ICEs, to advance electric vehicle grip and smooth tire performance.

Additionally, the Hankook i Sound Absorber™ in combination with the specific pattern design integrated into the iON products, reduces the interior noise significantly.

“This record-breaking journey is a true testament to the capabilities of the iON tires and supports the advancement, optimization and awareness of the growing EV tire industry,” said Sungil Jun, President at Hankook Tire Canada.

“The new iON evo AS enhances the efficiency and performance of EVs for Canadian drivers while continuing to provide a dynamic driving experience consumers have become used to with Hankook Tires. “

Following the achievement, Rainer will visit Volkswagen dealers and Hankook retailers in Canada to present the new record certificate and support the launch of the ID.4 and iON evo AS in Canada. This promotional tour will take about 5 weeks to complete on the iON evo AS tires.  

Photos and videos of the cross-country tour can be found at


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