Taking on the ADAS Alignment Challenge

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ADAS systems are a hefty investment for many shops – but for one Huntsville, Ontario, shop, it’s providing worthwhile returns.

By Steve Pawlett

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are standard in late-model vehicles. These systems use sensors, cameras, and other advanced technologies to enhance vehicle safety and performance. However, ADAS presents unique challenges for auto service centres. 

ADAS systems are complex and interconnected, and require specialized equipment and training to diagnose and repair. Auto shops entering this market must thoroughly understand the system and how it works to diagnose and fix problems correctly. Even small changes to a vehicle, such as replacing a windshield or adjusting the suspension, can affect the system’s calibration. 

While many independent shops are still hesitant to make the $40,000 investment in an ADAS alignment system, several shops are taking on this challenge. Pro-Street Auto Glass in Huntsville, Ontario, is one of the auto shops taking ADAS alignment service head-on.

“With the John Bean Tru-Point advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) calibration system, it’s been easy to train our staff,” explains Pro-Street owner Tim Beckett. “We have their first unit [sold] in Canada, and use it for all our windshield alignments.

“This unit allows you to align the windshield even with an un-level floor. I don’t have to level; I don’t have to chalk the ground. I don’t have to do plumb bobs. It does it all for you.

“The training side is easier too,” adds Beckett. “There is an icon on the screen, so if you get to a screen you don’t understand, you can click on it, and it gives you an instructional audio/video on how to carry out the next step. This feature speeds up the process.”

While most ADAS alignment systems reference the vehicle’s height from the shop floor, the Tru-Point advanced driver assistance system measures the height of the targets from the tire contact patch of all four wheels. This method allows the vehicle to be calibrated anywhere in the shop.

Pro-Street Auto Glass aligns vehicles every day. Every late-model base vehicle now has ADAS, so you can’t change a windshield without an ADAS alignment. Even base standard vehicles now have cruise mitigation, lane departure, and early brake assistance as standard features.

“From a liability standpoint, we provide the customer with a document showing that their vehicle has passed the test,” explains Beckett. “The insurance company also has a copy. We don’t get paid by the insurance company unless that is provided. The vehicles leaving our shop are printed and stored in the database at John Bean, so I have a complete ongoing history of every vehicle I have aligned. I can pull up any VIN number and tell you exactly the day I did it and when it passed.”

Pro-Street Auto Glass services six of the seven dealerships in its area. “Everything that I am doing for them is at a higher level. Some customers who choose not to have the alignment done must sign a waiver stating they have agreed not to have it aligned.”

The standard cost for an ADAS alignment is $250.

 “I believe it’s a fair price considering the cost of the equipment, the training, the administration costs, and the documentation required,” says Beckett.


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