Subway “Oasis Parks” a vision for EV charging future

by | Feb 21, 2023 | 1 comment

As retail space players seek to carve out new business models to attract EV drivers, Subway has become the latest to offer its vision of the future, with an EV charging model that looks to draw heavily on the nostalgia of drive-in restaurants of the past. 

Though there is no indication that the sandwich chain will offer car window delivery by roller-skate server, Subway has partnered with GenZ EV Solutions, to install Subway Oasis charging parks at select U.S. locations—charging canopies with multiple ports, picnic tables, Wi-Fi, restrooms, green space and even playgrounds.

As part of a multi-year plan to rollout the Subway Oasis, smaller-format, fast EV charging stations will be piloted at select, new or newly remodelled restaurants across the U.S., starting in 2023.

GenZ EV Solutions works with RED E Charging, a fast-growing EV charging network, to provide proprietary software, with immense uptime and reliability, as well as operating expertise for the EV charging stations and Subway Oasis.

Both initiatives are designed to offer added convenience for on-the-go guests, while doing good for the planet and generating incremental revenue for franchisees.

Guests may also benefit from dedicated Subway promotions, available only while utilizing an EV charging station.

According to Mike Kappitt, chief operating and insights officer of Subway, “Our partnership with GenZ EV Solutions is a win for our guests, our franchisees and our planet, creating a dedicated space for drivers to charge their vehicle while enjoying their favourite Subway sandwich.”

As drivers increasingly shift to electric vehicles, Subway is well positioned to offer a quick, reliable charge to EV motorists and contribute to a national network of charging stations.

“Equitable access to charging is essential to the adoption of EVs in the future, and Subway’s scale will play an important role in democratizing charging infrastructure for millions of Americans,” said Jose Valls, CEO of GenZ EV Solutions.

“By coupling our technology and know-how with Red E Charging’s strategic site selection and Subway’s network of restaurants across the U.S., we are continuing to make key strides in building the EV infrastructure of tomorrow.”

Subway is partnering with franchisees of both traditional and non-traditional locations, to identify sites for both smaller-format EV charging stations as well as Subway EV Charging Oasis parks of the future.

Franchisees interested in EV Charging development opportunities with Subway, can email

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