Stop the parking shuffle with new lifts

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Stop wasting time doing the parking shuffle. The new BendPak PL-12000DP and PL-12000DPS double-wide parking lifts securely store four vehicles in two parking spots without all the time-consuming vehicle shuffling necessary when using traditional double-wide parking lifts.

The (patent-pending) secret is BendPak’s independent platform design. Traditional double-wide parking lifts require removing all cars parked below before lowering all cars parked above. But since each PL-12000DP and PL-12000DPS platform operates independently, one can be lowered while the other side remains still.

As a result, it’s only necessary to move a single vehicle out of the way to get to one parked above. Plus, the unique structure provides double-car-width open front access, resulting in more efficient entry and exit. 

“We developed the PL-12000DP and PL-12000DPS to address the most common complaints about side-by-side parking lifts,” says Jeff Kritzer, BendPak president and CEO. “Whether used in a home garage or a commercial parking application, people hate the time-consuming hassle of shuffling multiple vehicles around to get to the one they want.

“They also worry about dents and dings when trying to squeeze between columns. Our open-entry, dual-platform design resolves those issues while also providing more clear space under the lift in the raised position for vehicle maintenance or walking through.”

The PL-12000DP tall-rise, extended-length model offers exceptional versatility, with a maximum rise of 82.2 inches, 183-inch runways, and a drive-through height of 80.5 inches. The PL-12000DPS standard-rise, standard-length lift has a more compact footprint to fit in smaller spaces. Its max rise is 70.2 inches, with 159-inch runways and a drive-through height of 68.5 inches.

Both models have a total rated capacity of 12,000 lbs. / 6,000 lbs. per platform. They can handle cars, light trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, and other equipment. 

The lifts are built to last with heavy-duty steel construction, galvanized lifting cables, and durable powder-coat finish. A dependable hydraulic drive system provides reliable power that requires little service and maintenance. Tandem drive cylinders and an intelligent hydraulic circuit provide precise, equalized lifting. 

The PL-12000DP and PL-12000DPS parking lifts offer peace of mind with automatic safety locks at multiple heights, wide baseplates for stability and built-in front wheel stops. They are backed by BendPak’s full five-year warranty.

Full-width platforms protect bottom vehicles from any leaks or drips above. To facilitate use as a dual-purpose service/parking lift, the lightweight aluminum center decks can slide out to provide open-centre access to raised vehicles. 

For more information about the BendPak PL-12000DP and PL-12000DPS multi-platform parking lifts, including specifications, photos and video, visit

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