Special pricing on new HEV-EV book and webinars

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A new book and training package from renowned HEV-EV trainer and educator Craig Von Batenburg of ACDC is available, along with a series of 23 complementary webinars. Special pricing on the complete book/webinar package is in effect if you order before July 15, 2023.

If you want a deep dive into every part of a Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, EV or Fuel Cell, from 2 wheels to 18, this training package is for you. ACDC’s HEV-EV-FC book, EMV Electrified Motor Vehicle Technology,  is the third one ACDC has produced, with 450 pages in full colour, printed in the USA and created completely in-house.

In order to refine the content for the new book, Craig did 23 webinars live each Tuesday for months, to explain each chapter.

The book sells for $350 U.S. plus S/H, for a total of $375 U.S. Sign up for the accompanying 23 Webinars @ $45 U.S. each, for a total of  $1,035 U.S. Package total for both the book and webinars is $1,410 U.S.

Order before July 15 and qualify for a special discount! Sale price is $1000, payable in two $500 payments over two months.

To order, go to the ACDC website at fixhybrid.com, or call 508-826-4546.


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