Snap-on ALTUS cloud sharing diagnostic software on more tools

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The latest fall release of Snap-on diagnostic software extends the capabilities of ALTUS, the Snap-on cloud file sharing site.

Already included with the Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite to upload images, it is now available when operating on the latest software with APOLLO D8, MODIS Edge, MODIS Ultra and SOLUS Edge.

ALTUS allows technicians to upload and store vehicle system reports and related images from their scanner and thermal imager that they can share with customers or insurance providers by text or email for quicker repair approvals and fast after-fix reporting.

“When connected to Wi-Fi, technicians can use their scan tool to automatically upload pre- and post-scan vehicle system reports to the new to access from a phone or computer when needed,” said Ozzy Neri, product manager, Snap-on Diagnostics. “Uploaded scanner vehicle system reports, combined with images taken from the Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite, can provide a complete ‘before and after’ story to help strengthen customer confidence in the shop’s services, plus to fulfill mandates by manufacturers and insurance companies for collision repair work as well.” Performing a pre-scan vehicle system report spots any hidden issues and makes the customer aware of problems.

The pre-scan code identification helps speed the diagnosis and repair. Technicians can then share pre-scan reports and images with the customer to receive quick approvals for repairs. When the customer picks up their vehicle, the post-scan vehicle system report confirms that the original problems have been fixed, building trust and satisfaction. Pre- and post-scan reports and images can also be forwarded to insurance companies to confirm OEM repair requirements have been met.

“ALTUS works to make each job faster. Every image or pre- or post-scan vehicle system report that technicians create is captured on the drive. With ALTUS, technicians will make their next repair quicker than ever before,” concluded Neri.

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