Service advisors: Are you allergic to nuts?

by | Jun 25, 2018 | 1 comment

(Video 37 sec.) Locking wheel nuts are great, unless you actually need to get a wheel off and the socket is nowhere to be found.

Here’s a simple reminder for service advisors, and customers, to help avoid unnecessary trouble and an unwelcome, wait for a tow truck.

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  1. antonior

    Great advice. I recently got alloy wheels for my car and the shop put in the socket for the locking nut, but not the Allen key to remove the cover over the wheel nuts. Luckily I was dealing with a great shop that called me and emailed me to remind me to bring the car in to have the wheels re-torqued at which time the correct Allen key was added to my bag of wheel items. (yes, they put it all in a ziploc bag for me too)


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