SEMA latest ‘State of the Industry’ reports pickups continue to drive industry

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SEMA has released its latest market report: “SEMA State of the Industry–Fall 2023,” with pickups continuing to dominate sales and showcasing strong growth across the industry.

“In addition to pickups, we also found that SUVs, classics and sports cars are strong drivers for the market,” said SEMA Director of Market Research Gavin Knapp. “Over 50% of manufacturers and retailers/installers sell to those segments. Companies also see opportunity across a number of traditional and emerging sectors–including hot rodding, overlanding and muscle cars–moving forward.”  

The report, free to SEMA members, fosters a better understanding of how the industry is performing in the current business climate It includes new data on how product sales have evolved in different categories over the past year.

“Understanding how industry sales are faring can help businesses discover new market trends and identify changes in consumer preferences,” said SEMA Market Research Director Gavin Knapp.

“Readers will gain detailed insight into what products are in demand, helping them make more strategic business decisions.”

The latest edition of the biannual report finds that retailers were especially likely to see growth in handling products (suspension, brakes and steering), as well as intake, fuel and exhaust products. Positive sales growth also continues across most performance categories.

SEMA State of the Industry Data

Additional data revealed in the report includes forecast and sales expectations for the next year, industry insights from manufacturers, retailers and installers, sales shifts by channel and vehicle sales trends.

The “SEMA State of the Industry–Fall 2023” report is available for free download to all SEMA members, and for purchase for others, at


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