Safety the main concern in vehicle maintenance

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A just-released study by the Automotive Industries Association of Canada says that safety is the number one reason consumers believe vehicle maintenance is important.

The study, “Under the Hood: How Canadian view vehicle maintenance and repair,” also says that other factors are important: preventing breakdowns, extending their investment, and reducing long-term expenses.

vehicle mainenance

The results from this study reveal the following general attitudes and behaviour regarding maintenance and repair:

Nearly half (46%) of vehicle owners would say they are “somewhat
knowledgeable” about maintenance and repair (M&R) while one third (33%) consider themselves “not very knowledgeable.” Only a small proportion of respondents would say they are “very” or “not at all” knowledgeable.

Getting Canadians into the bay to let the experts do their best is another matter. It is perhaps heartening to the aftermarket that the most popular, preferred reminders are that ubiquitous window sticker and, the more recently common, dashboard reminder. However, respondents did indicate that an e-mail reminder would also be an option, and this represents something new for most in the aftermarket.

In all, the study includes more than 40 pages of results and analysis.

It is available free to AIA of Canada members or for $199 to non-members.



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