Ride control communication tips

by | May 10, 2018 | 0 comments

Ride Control Service—shocks and struts—continues to be among the most misunderstood by consumers, and some service professionals. This can complicate the communications process.

When speaking to customers about needed ride control service:

1-Emphasize that there is likely no outward evidence that the ride control components are severely degraded.

2-Ride control degrades very slowly and customers may not realize what they beliieve is their vehicle “feeling old” is really worn ride control allowing road surface unevenness to be transmitted through the suspension and into the vehicle. And those rattles are the sound of other components taking the hit for worn out shocks and struts.

3-Industry recommendation is for 80,000 km ride control replacement.

4-Ride control is not about a smooth ride, it’s about safety. As proven by a number of studies, properly operating ride control keeps tires on the road, reduces stopping distances—especially under maximum braking–and helps maintain control in evasive maneuvers.

5-Overall, it is important to communicate with customers the impact that degraded ride control can have on driving safety and on wear and tear of other vehicle components.


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