Raybestos screensaver and build details available

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Fans of the iconic Raybestos 1953 Chevrolet pickup truck can download a free screensaver for their personal computer by visiting www.raybestosbuild.com.

“The Raybestos ’53 Chevy pickup screensaver is a dynamic way for automotive service and parts professionals, and enthusiasts everywhere, to customize their computers with a one-of-a-kind classic truck, from rendering to the completed masterpiece,” said Kristin Grons, marketing manager, Brake Parts Inc. “Just visit RaybestosBuild.com to download the screensaver to your desktop and while you’re there, check out the videos and photos of the build process. Schwartz Performance and our build partners made sure this pickup is not only restored, but upgraded to perfection.”

Painted in metallic red, the fully restored and updated ‘53 Chevy pickup features an off-the-shelf performance disc brake upgrade package using Raybestos components and Raybestos Truck & Medium Duty specialty disc brake pads. In addition to driving the build, Schwartz Performance has installed its famous bolt-in G-Machine Chassis and over 20 industry-leading premier suppliers partnered with Raybestos to help restore and modify the pickup.

Raybestos customers can see the complete restoration process from start to finish by visiting www.raybestosbuild.com.

The website features videos, pictures and information showcasing the start of the build and every step along the road to completion. The videos, hosted by Jeff Schwartz, describe specific steps in the build process and photos illustrate the detailed craftsmanship that went into this one-of-a-kind truck.


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