Premium Guard intros new premium transmission filter kits

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Premium Guard® Select Transmission Filter Kits are the solution for original equipment performance and protection, delivering exceptional reliability and peace of mind.

Premium Guard, Inc. (, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality automotive products, has unveiled Premium Guard Select, a new line of premium transmission filter kits.

The new OEM-style transmission filter kits offer superior quality and reliability with unique features that enhance the installer experience and deliver peace of mind.

In contrast to conventional aftermarket transmission filter kits, the new Premium Guard Select Transmission Filter Kits are equipped with an OE style reusable gasket, which is made with high-grade steel and coated with high-quality NBR rubber.

The new series is packaged in a flat sturdy cardboard backing. This advanced packaging approach enhances reliability and eliminates the risk of post-installation leaks.

Further enhancing the installer experience, Premium Guard Select Transmission Filter Kits feature bolt holes with torque-limiting metal spacers. This innovative feature protects against accidental overtightening during installation, ensuring that the gasket can withstand the required torque without deformation or failure.

“PGI continues to focus on delivering premium quality products that meet the rapidly changing requirement of the automotive aftermarket,” explained John Ethridge, director of product management. “This new series will provide the installer with easy to use, ‘first fit’ transmission filter kits.”

With 32 SKUs in the program, Premium Guard Select Transmission Filter Kits offer comprehensive coverage for the most popular applications on the road that require this style of gasket.

All SKUs are in stock and available for order now. Buyers that want to learn more are encouraged to explore Premium Guard’s 2023-2024 Transmission Filter Kit Buyer’s Guide, found at

About Premium Guard Inc.
Premium Guard Inc. (PGI) specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing products for automotive, diesel, powersport, and specialty filter markets.

Headquartered in New York City with a main distribution centre in Memphis TN, Premium Guard Inc. is keenly focused on providing customers with industry leading service, complete filtration solutions, best-in-class-quality products, and leading application coverage.


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