Portable tool organizer offers stowable container

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Developed to be the solution for portable socket storage, Socket Roll Pro is a portable tool organizer that offers a clearly-labeled and easily stowable container for sockets, wrenches and drives.

Made in the USA by CAY Industries, Socket Roll Pro rolls out to hold 66 tools of the most common standard and metric sockets and drives (1/4, 3/8 and 1/2), in addition to the universal joint, extension and ratchet for each drive and a standard 5/8 spark plug socket. The back of the tool organizer features six wrench slots for quick access.

The organizer is made to roll into a compact carrying case for easy transport. Made from high grade military spec (MILSPEC) woven elastic with a patented stitching technology which locks each socket firmly in place,  the special locking mechanism allows the socket to be inserted into the organizer in any direction, yet only taken out in one.

The base fabric is a double layered nylon with PVC backing that features a plastic insert behind each socket row for added strength and protection; doubling as the base layer for the wrench slots. Socket Roll Pro is compact and measures 20” x 4” when loaded and rolled up, and features a convenient handle. The hook and loop straps allow Socket Roll to rollout and hang from virtually any location for easy access.

“It was an honour to be included in the roundtable held in conjunction with the SEMA Launchpad contest at the 2018 SEMA Show,” said Chris Yoosefi, CEO of CAY Industries. “To be included as a participant when there was such a long list of deserving applicants is testament to why Socket Roll Pro is such a great product. There is a huge need for people of all industries to be able to quickly find the right socket for the job and we’re happy Socket Roll Pro is there to assist.  And stay tuned, because this is just the first of many more units to be added to the line in 2019.”

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