Podcast: What car dealers are doing and why it matters to you

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The Great Canadian Aftermarket Podcast

The changing landscape in the new car dealer world is certainly having a profound effect on how they connect with customers at the sales and service levels.

This is Part 1 of Keynote presentation by J.D. Ney automotive practice lead for J.D. Power Canada on the changing car dealer landscape and what that means for Canada’s automotive aftermarket. 

Recorded live May 4, as part of the 2022 Great Canadian Aftermarket Trade Show Conference Series.

Listen to the podcast here, on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Or watch the webinar presentation below which includes several presentation slides.

The Great Canadian Aftermarket Podcast was selected by Feedspot as a Top 10 Canadian Automotive Podcast. From CHAT Media, the people who bring you www.IndieGarage.ca and www.JobberNation.ca.

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