Podcast: Building a better apprentice for your shop

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The Great Canadian Aftermarket Podcast

Dave Halls, owner of Amaranth Auto Service in Amaranth, Ont., has seen nearly two dozen apprentices and co-op students in his shop and offers great insights on successful strategies.

He is joined by Murray Voth, RPM Training, and host Andrew Ross. Selected by Feedspot as a Top 10 Canadian Automotive Podcast. From CHAT Media, the people who bring you www.IndieGarage.ca and www.JobberNation.ca.

The Great Canadian Aftermarket Podcast presents issues and ideas for Canada’s automotive aftermarket professionals and business owners. Selected by Feedspot panelists as one of the Top 10 Canadian Automotive Podcasts on the web.

Hosted by Andrew Ross, publisher and director of content at CHAT Integrated Media.

From the people who bring you IndieGarage.ca and JobberNation.ca

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