Pirelli introduces WeatherActive all-weather tire

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Pirelli announced the introduction of the WeatherActive range, its first tires with all-weather capabilities, developed exclusively for the North American market.

The new Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive all-weather tire
The new Pirelli Scorpion WeatherActive all-weather tire

Engineered to go beyond traditional all-season performance, this new product is backed by the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rating (3PMS), which certifies that the tire delivers excellent performance even in severe snow conditions, making the WeatherActive a true “four seasons” tire.

Pirelli is launching the new WeatherActive in two versions: the Cinturato WeatherActive for sedans, which will be available in 16 sizes, and the Scorpion WeatherActive dedicated to SUVs and light trucks, available in 23 sizes.

All come with a 60,000-mile (100,000 km) limited treadwear warranty which places them among the best in class in the category.

The new Pirelli range provides superb wet performance and outstanding snow traction among its main benefits. These attributes are obtained thanks to the adoption of new compound technology engineered to enhance the tread compound’s pliability in cold temperatures.

Key fitments include Acura RDX, BMW 330i, Audi Q5 and the GMC Yukon among others.

Pirelli developed this new tire family exclusively for the North American market, to offer drivers the peace of mind and confidence to rely on just one single type of tires all year round.

In engineering this product, Pirelli’s technicians were able to combine multiple performance attributes that are usually in conflict with each other, like offering outstanding performance on snow and wet surfaces, while also maintaining a comfortable ride and solid mileage.

This was made possible thanks to a particular tread design together with the use of innovative materials engineered to allow the tread compound to perform across broad temperature range.

The tread pattern employs a specific distribution of siping designed to give the tire a more uniform stiffness and promote a regular wear pattern as the tire is used. This translates into tire durability and product performance throughout the life of the tire, ultimately resulting in greater mileage.

Pirelli used innovative materials in the compounds, including highly functionalized polymers that help boost performance in the wet and snow.

Another important benefit of the new WeatherActive range is comfort: the adoption of an advanced tread design makes for enhanced quietness and an overall comfortable drive.

Pirelli used advanced computer-aided design tools and virtual simulators to optimize the product development and test multiple tire designs long before the first physical tire was created. For example, the simulation tools were used to predict the behavior of the new tire in wet conditions – to simulate hydroplaning conditions and help optimize the void distribution in the tread pattern, for excellent wet handling and braking. Pirelli’s technology and expertise reduced the environmental impact of the creation of a quality performance tire.

“The introduction of the WeatherActive confirms our strategy of developing more products specifically for the North American consumers, that usually drive in a variety of weather conditions and want to have the peace of mind to count on just one type of tires,” said Claudio Zanardo, CEO of Pirelli North America.

To discover more about the new WeatherActive range go to www.us.pirelli.com/weatheractive


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