Permatex The Right Stuff Red One Minute Gasket Maker

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(SPONSORED CONTENT) The Right Stuff Red One Minute Gasket Maker is the only high temperature gasket maker that can quickly return a vehicle to service in just one minute. This thick formula maintains reliable and long-lasting seals. The Right Stuff Red One Minute is superior to most OE gaskets and provides premium professional grade gaskets for today’s fast paced professional garages. Temperature performance up to 650°F intermittent, this gasket maker is sensor-safe and resists oil and other common shop fluids

  • High temperature performance and adhesion with a fast return to service time
  • Reliable and long-lasting seals
  • Sensor-safe, low odor and non-corrosive
  • Thickest formula available
  • High temperature performance up to 650°F (343°C) intermittent

Permatex The Right Stuff Red One Minute and 90 Minute provide the fastest return to service while still maintaining a reliable and long lasting seal up to temperatures of 650 °F (343 °C) intermittent. With The Right Stuff Red One Minute, parts can be returned to service in one minute after application. It is available in a 3oz Power Can, 5oz and 10.1oz cartridges, and a 7.5oz Power Bead. The Right Stuff 90 Minute allows parts to be placed back into service only 90 minutes after application and offers the fastest return to service time available in a tube. It is available in a 3oz tube.

Permatex Marketing Manager, Ashley Khan, added, “The expansion of the Permatex Red Gasket Maker program fills a critical niche in our market.  Our wide range of gasket makers allows professional technicians and DIY customers to easily identify the best gasket maker for the job. When a professional technician and or DIY customer needs high temperature performance, they can utilize our red gasket maker. Likewise, if high flexibility is required, we have an exceptional selection of black formulations to choose from that fill that need. When the specifications call for rigid and high torque applications, we’ve got them covered with Grey.”

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