Service Advisor: Own Your Waiting Room

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While your position as service advisor may well be focused on managing the workflow through the bays, it is what happens in front of the service counter that will really drive success.

1. Ensure that your customers will find a comfortable environment.

There are many ways to do this but chief among these is to have a clean environment with comfortable seating. Fresh coffee and some other refreshments is a nice touch.

2. Acknowledge their arrival quickly.

Even if you are in the midst of a call, or working with another customer, look up,make eye contact, tell them you’ll be right with them Research has shown that simply being acknowledged upon arrival drives customer satisfaction up significantly.

3. Make sure that all refreshments are kept fresh.

Refreshments and should include more than coffee (e.g. juice, water). Consider setting a timer to refresh coffee, or having a single serve type coffee maker to ensure that coffee drinkers have a fresh option.

4. Don’t forget the kids.

Customers may have kids in tow. Keep crayons and pictures to colour as a children’s activity. Parents and kids will appreciate it. Businesses in many industries have opted to have a small table and chairs with colouring materials for kids or small bead maze.

5. Keep reading materials fresh.

Better to have a small selection of new magazines and newspapers than a growing stack of old issues. Make a clean up part of a regular at least
monthly routine.


Customer Experience Depends on the Service Advisor

The entire customer experience relies on you to a great extent and will build repeat business significantly. Understanding that customer satisfaction relies heavily on the experience that you control is an important step in helping the entire business grow.



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