Stop Drive Clean recertification: Shop owner to Doug Ford

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Ontario’s Drive Clean emissions testing program is slated for winding down in 2019.  Josie Candito, owner of Master Mechanic HIgh Park in Toronto, shares this letter of concern to Ontario premier Doug Ford.about how this is being conducted. 
Dear Doug Ford
Dear Minister Of The Environment,
I know you say you support “the people and small business.” I’ve been made aware the Drive Clean Program will be a abolished in June 2019.
No new applications are being taken, nor is anyone who submitted their application late (which was after the election to extend their contract for another year was rejected).
So I ask you why does Drive Clean insist on having small businesses pay for re-certification of Drive Clean Repair and Inspector technicians? The Drive Clean program has every “signs” of being cancelled, so can someone kindly tell Drive Clean to pause the re-certification as it was done when there was a transition from the Old Drive Clean program to the the current program.
I advocate on my behalf and all small business.
I await your response eagerly. Please take the time to inform small businesses on the truth, and stop the expense of re-certifications.

Josie Candito

Josie Candito is owner of Master Mechanic High Park, Toronto, Ont., and is an active member of the industry and the community.


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