Ontario gets its first public hydrogen filling station

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Ontario now has it’s first publicly accessible hydrogen filling station, adding to the small but growing presence of the alternative fuel in Canada.

The station, located at Pearson International Airport, is a co-initiative of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) and Carlsun Energy with a $1 million federal investment from Natural Resources Canada.  

It has the capability to fuel both cars and transport trucks. It joins an estimated fewer than 10 other hydrogen fueling stations across Canada, with five in B.C.

The HTEC organization opened Canada’s first retail hydrogen fueling station in June 2018 to launch a multi-station network supporting the first commercial hydrogen electric vehicles. As of October 2022, HTEC owned five stations in B.C.: three in the lower mainland, one on Vancouver Island and one in Kelowna.

Ontario’s first public hydrogen refueling station for both light- and heavy-duty vehicles will be built, owned, and operated by Carlsun Energy, integrators in large-scale renewable energy projects.

While still making early inroad in Canada, hydrogen has had its proponents globally and has been under development for decades, with operating examples on the road on a test/prototype basis by major vehicle manufactures since at least the early 2000s, when this writer received an in person deep dive of BMW’s ICE hydrogen fuel strategy.

In Canada today, Toyota offers the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell powered model, Hyundai the Nexo, while development continues on hydrogen combustion options from a number of manufacturers.

As an alternative hydrogen fuel cells have some advantages over the battery electric approach. Hydrogen cars are much faster to refuel than electric cars, while also offering greater ranges than electric vehicles. In an ICE application, they have the advantage of capitalizing on existing infrastructure and technology.

Deborah Flint, President and CEO of the GTAA, stated, “Toronto Pearson, as an economic and aviation hub, is the ideal location for Ontario’s first public hydrogen filling station for light and heavy-duty vehicles.  We are proud to be a leader in this industry and are grateful to work with our partners, Carlsun Energy, and Natural Resources Canada to bring this clean energy solution to the airport economic corridor.”

“With a significant share of Canada’s emissions coming from the transportation sector in Ontario, it’s imperative that we start deploying hydrogen infrastructure in transportation corridors. We’re thrilled to be working with Toronto Pearson and Natural Resources Canada to deliver this foundational project at such a key location,” said Jason Van Geel, President of Carlsun Energy

“The Government of Canada is supporting innovation across the transportation sector – including through enabling the first public hydrogen refueling station in Ontario for light and heavy-duty vehicles. This novel project is helping to create good jobs and deliver clean air, while ensuring Ontarians can access clean fuels as we build a net-zero economy,” says Julie Dabrusin, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources and to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Member of Parliament for Toronto-Danforth

“Today’s announcement with Carlsun and the GTAA represents a step toward the future for Mississauga and all of Ontario. With one million dollars in federal support, this new hydrogen refuelling station will help ensure our supply chains continue to grow while we fight climate change and build a strong economic future,” says The Honourable Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport, Member of Parliament for Mississauga Centre


  1. David Radford

    Hi, when is this station expected to open?

    • Andrew Ross

      This from Toronto Pearson Airport:
      “We expect the fill station to be fully operational and publicly available by end of Q1 (March) 2024.”

  2. Terry Wilkinson

    what is the hold up in getting more of these stations, or of getting a hydrogen gas pump in every gas station?
    This type of fuel seems to be a no-brainer!


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