OK Tire Stores announces senior leadership appointments

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OK Tire Stores Inc has announced two key additions to the senior leadership team, welcoming Dwayne Sawyer and Patrick O’Hara to the roles of Director, Commercial Business Group and National Director, Merchandising, respectively.

Dwayne’s new role as Director, Commercial Business Group expands on his previous experience in the industry. As someone who likes to “focus on the big stuff and don’t sweat the small stuff”, Dwayne’s passion lies in the bigger commercial landscape. Reporting to Chief Operating Officer, Michael Rutherford, he will be responsible for leading and driving OK Tire’s business relating to supply chain management.

OK Tire
Dwayne Sawyer

“There is huge untapped opportunity for OK Tire as we focus more and more on all aspects of our commercial business,” says Jim Caldwell, President and CEO of OK Tire. “Dwayne, in addition to his positive and thoughtful leadership style, brings with him an amazing background in the automotive and tire industries as well as significant experience in the commercial and fleet portions of the industry so we’re very excited for him to join the team at OK Tire”.

Also joining the team is Patrick O’Hara, whose new role as National Director, Merchandising taps into his background in business development and marketing. Also reporting directly to the Chief Operating Officer, Patrick will be responsible for the development and growth of OK Tire’s e-commerce and other non-tire related products.

OK Tire
Patrick O’Hara

“Patrick will lead the evolution of our Non-Tire product assortment for our dealers and brings to OK Tire an incredible background in the aftermarket accessories market,” says Rutherford. “But, more importantly, he has an outstanding reputation within the industry for meeting the needs of his customers with urgency and genuine focus on win/win solutions.  All of this combined with his approachable and sincere leadership style is why we are so excited to have Patrick join our incredible team of leaders”.

The change in senior leadership is part of OK Tire’s ongoing plans to expand and develop its business.

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