Oil change communications

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Every oil change service presents an opportunity to introduce your business to a customer. Even though extended oil change intervals have driven down the number of occasions car owners attend to this service, it remains the most frequent service.

1. Be sure to ask customers for any oil brand preferences, using the opportunity to recommend specific offerings (high mileage, semi-synthetic, synthetic) that may be appropriate.


2. Talk to your customer about manufacturer specific certifications, and what this means in terms of recommendations. This is your opportunity to position your shop as experts in the field.

3. Discuss filter options, especially important for car owners who regularly run longer than recommended oil change intervals.


4. Communicate that you will be performing an inspection while the car is up on the hoist, that it’s part of your service to ensure that they are aware of any service issues.


Consumers in a hurry may be looking to drop their keys and run, but it is important to slow the interaction down to communicate these points to ensure that customers understand the full service that you offer.

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