New TrakMotive HD cold weather CV axles

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TrakMotive HD Cold Weather CV Axles use special premium 7023B grease and TPE boots that are engineered to maintain OE performance even at extreme temperatures of -50°C.

In extreme cold temperatures the grease in CV axles will begin to congeal and solidify into a thick paste like consistency, causing the grease to glob up and settle in the boot. When the wheel s turned, the joint will spin causing the boot to swell from the pressure of the solidified grease in the boot, which can cause the boot to split open or even rupture.

• Premium Grease: Special 7023B axle grease maintains OE lubricant performance in extreme low ambient temperatures to -40°C
• TPE Boot: Premium thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) boot withstands exposure to extreme cold to -50°C
• Stepless Clamp: Stepless ear clamp design, provides improved clamping force with the TPE boot to provide a tighter, more reliable 360° optimum seal even in the coldest natural temperatures.

Canadian Distribution Center AIT Automotive Canada Inc., 939 Pantera Drive, Mississauga, ON L4W 2R9 905.282.1120

United States Distribution Center Advanced Innovative Technology Corp., 350 Nevada Street, Redlands, CA 92373 800.567.1608



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